Rydin’ High!

“May a smile be your umbrella and laughter Rydin'High!300light your way

and may our song keep you Rydin’ High! all day.”

Walt Disney said, “in every education there should be some entertainment.” Come learn about America’s earliest cowboys from the Californio period that Louis L’Amour described “was for a time, Eden on Earth”. Living was easy: there was plenty to eat, the weather was mild, there were lots of cattle, Tule elk and horses for the taking. Enjoy some history, harmony and humor–the hallmarks of a Rydin’ High! performance.

Johnny Silver, “the Vaquero Balladeer” and Rose Sharron, “the Lilly of the West” joined the Western Music Association in 1990 as Rydin’ High!. They have been singing together since 1971. They made a living entertaining for 12 years including 3 years at Branson, Missouri’s first dinner theater.

Thanks to the WMA, they have been blessed to meet many of the old-time, Western entertainers such as Roy and Dale, The Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry, Rusty Richards, Patsy Montana, Doc Denning, the Reinsmen, Rex Allen Sr., Eddie Dean, Hi Busse, Wes Tuttle, Monte Montana, Monte Hale, Harry Carey Jr., Doug McClure, Iron Eyes Cody, Lash LaRue and Richard Farnsworth as well as many of the current performers who carry on the tradition.

Rydin’ High! enjoy writing and singing songs about the beauties of the West and the characters who inhabit it.   They specialize in the early mission culture of the “Californio period” and were the first to introduce many Spanish songs in their repertoire at the WMA. They follow Walt Disney’s admonition: “in every entertainment there should be some education”. Being teachers, entertaining children or the young at heart comes naturally to them.

Although they have 6 albums to their credit, they have never won an award! No yodeler of the year or duo of the decade or song writer of the century here! Rydin’ High! remain one of the best kept Western Music secrets. Seeing the enjoyment on the faces of their audiences has always been praise enough. Until, October 24, 2014, the Honorable Adam Gray, state representative of the 21st Assembly District, read California Legislature Resolution No. 1650 into the legislative record acknowledging John’s work as a singer/songwriter, commending him and Sharron for promoting the State of California as entertainers with Rydin’ Hgh! and naming John California’s Vaquero Balladeer. For once in his life, John was speechless!! We finally won something!

Email them at: jsilverd41@hotmail.com or their website: lamontguitars.net