Paul Kern

PaulKern 150Paul Kern’s poetry comes from deep within his Idaho roots.  He grew up on horseback and still fosters his passion for working cow horses, backcountry pack stock and fine carriage horses.  He owns and works a small ranch in Island Park, Idaho as well as his horse farm in Murray, Utah.  Paul has received national recognition for his poetry having been named the Twelfth Lariat Laureate by  His first CD “Rimrock – Where Memories Rhyme” was named cowboy poetry CD of the year 2011 by the Academy of Western Artists, Fort Worth Texas.  “Rimrock” as well as his second CD “Morning after Rain” are frequently among the top ten CDs in radio play as reported by the Western Music Association.  Paul has recited his poetry in Utah, Idaho, Montana and South Dakota.  Paul can be contacted at Paul Kern’s Website