Kylee Price

Kyleeprice300Kylee is a native of Cache Valley, and currently resides in Millville, Utah. She is attending Utah State University, pursuing her goal of becoming a, nurse.

Kylee has a love for all animals, and is a true cowgirl in every sense of the word. She is a proven horse trainer in pleasure riding, barrel racing, and has accompanied wagon train re-enactment treks as an outrider. She can crack a bullwhip with either hand, and is quite a hand at gathering and trailing cattle.

At the ripe old age of 12, Kylee started playing the fiddle, and a year later she began learning to play the mandolin. She purchased her mandolin with the 1st-place prize money she won in a professional level 40-mile/8-dog sled dog race in Dubois, Wyoming. Musically, Kylee is self-taught, plays by ear, and her favorite genres include Western, Bluegrass, and Celtic music. She also enjoys performing with friends on stage.

She is a member of the Western Music Association, Cowboy Poets of Utah, and Cowboy Poets of Idaho. Kylee truly enjoys Cowboy Poetry/Music Gatherings and is very appreciative of the acceptance and encouragement from the folks she considers her new family. She is often joined by Brian Arnold from Saddle Strings when performing on stage. You can email her at: