Kaye Sisters

Kaye Sisters300The Kaye Sisters are Mary Kaye’s beautiful daughters Sophia, age 16, and Emilia, age 14. Emilia, or Millie, sings lead with a unique set of “pipes.” When you listen to her amazing sound you will wonder if you have ever heard anything like it! Country star Wynonna Judd would be a close comparison. Her sister Sophia plays rhythm guitar and sings beautiful harmonies. Both are musically gifted like their mother who has had a wonderful time teaching them to play and sing. They perform many traditional songs such as “The Brazos River Song” and “Colorado Trail” and Mary Kaye usually performs with them singing harmony and playing lead guitar.  Their first big performance was at the 2014 Genoa Cowboy Festival in Nevada where they received several standing ovations which has continued. Sophia and Millie enjoy traveling across the West with their parents and playing the music that they love. Recently they appeared at the famous Eureka Opera House in Eureka, Nevada and were able to sign the back stage wall. The Kaye Sisters have big dreams of singing all over the world and sharing their music with the masses! Contact them: www.mary-kaye.com/kaye-sisters