Ernie Sites

Saddle up and hold on to your horse ’cause you’re going to be enjoying a great experience with Cowboy Ernie Sites whose voice can calm the orneriest of herds. Ernie ~ a ranch raised cowboy from Southern Idaho ~ combines traditional and original western singing/songwriting, yodeling, cowboy poetry, storytelling, and trick roping demonstrations with his own personal brand of western humor and wit to entertain audiences of all ages.

Ernie was a scheduled entertainer for the 2002 Winter Olympics, and has been televised on various regional and national television stations.  He has appeared with many nationally acclaimed poets and musicians.  As a touring artist, Cowboy Ernie

educates and entertains thousands of school age children each year, both in the States and abroad. 

He also performs at numerous music festivals, cowboy poetry gatherings, guest ranches, fairs, and corporate and private events.  Ernie will be entertaining children in  4 or 5 of our Cache Valley Schools while he is here for the rendezvous. We welcome Ernie back!!

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